Wednesday, December 15, 2010

An impressive UI Framework

As I begin my work in web development, I mostly involve in layout designing, CSS, and JavaScript coding. Most of the things are relevant to user interface. However, I am not good at graphic designing; even so I keep learning CSS and layout design aiming at my job requirement. Since then, I work around the stuffs I have learned.

Additionally, I am impressed by some UI frameworks such as YUI which I like most. But meanwhile, my company formed a team named Yoolk UI team to build its own UI Framework and I am the first person to use and test it. Of course, it is hard for me to use the UI framework for the first time. Later on, I get used to it.

So far, we use our framework to build our own application. Yes, it works! It is very flexible, powerful and easy to use. Moreover, the Yoolk UI team is still continuing to improve it to be better and better.

We would like to inform all of you guys about this framework and you guys can give any good feedbacks as well. Please check it out

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